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Create Your Custom Skin

See tips below for help designing your custom skin.

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      Design Tips

      • Step 1: Add Your Own Artwork

        Click on "Add Image" to upload artwork from your Computer or a photo from Instagram.

      • Step 2: Adjust Your Artwork

        Rotate and resize the image to properly frame your artwork. Make sure to fill the entire canvas!

      • Step 3: Add Your Own Text

        Click "ADD TEXT" to add as many text lines as you want. Every time you click "ADD TEXT" you add a new line of text. Adjust the text color as desired.

      • Step 4: Fill in the Canvas

        Make sure to fill in the entire live area unless you want some white in your design. All non-covered areas will print white.

      • Step 5: Preview and Finalize

        Once you've finished up that final touches, hit "Preview" to make sure everything looks right. When you're done and ready, click "Continue Purchase" to place your order. :)

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